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Community Post: 7 Bananas That Would Make Gwen Stefani Proud


1. The Free-Spirit Banana

This banana isn’t afraid to let it all hang loose. Literally. You’ll find him cavorting with Naked Fruit Juice

2. The Flasher Banana

Feast of Fun / Via sodahead.com / feastoffun.com

The creepy older cousin to the Free-Spirit Banana, the Flasher has a devilish grin and a penchant for lurking in dark alleys.

3. The Desperate Banana

The Meta Picture / Via themetapicture.com

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are the single bananas. They’ve left the bunch for greener pastures, only to find out how unattractive needy bananas are.

4. The Bald Banana

This banana is super embarrassed by his receding hairline. It wouldn’t be wise to point it out to him, especially since he remains in denial. He sports a hat every day in hopes you won’t notice. That bald spot burns easily.

5. The Immature Banana

Does your banana tell “yo momma” jokes and giggle at the planet Uranus? Is your banana scared of cooties? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve got yourself an immature banana.

6. Momma’s Boy Bananas

Don’t ever grow up. STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN.

7. And Sir Bananasworth

Hoity toity Sir Bananasworth drinks fine wine, visits the opera, and quotes Tennyson. In his spare time, he frequents his country home in the Banana Republic and smokes cigars.

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