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Money-Saving Genius Has Found A Way To Get Unlimited Free Pies From Tesco


If there’s one thing everyone needs more of in life, it’s free pies. So luckily, that absolute money saving champ Coupon Kid, has found a way for us all to get more of the good stuff without spending any dollar.


18-year-old Jordan Cox – aka. Coupon Kid – hit the news again a few months ago when he ingeniously found that it was cheaper to get from Sheffield to Essex via Berlin than by direct train. He’s been at it again, but this time with food.

So how do you do it? As Jordan explains on moneysavingexpert.com, at least 400 Tesco stores currently have a deal on those delicious Higgidy pies where if you buy one you get a free pie voucher, because apparently it’s National Pie Week (how did we not know that already).

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He explains that all you have to do (providing they’re not sold out) is:

1. Pop to Tesco

2. Buy a pie for 3.50, crack it open and delve in to find the coupon.

3. Go back to the shelf (providing they’re still stocked with pies after everyone’s read this) and pick up another sticker.

4. “Buy” the pie, using your free voucher, and then get your next freebie voucher from the new pie box.

5. Repeat this step until you’ve eaten all the pies in the world and are no longer able to leave Tesco, or your kitchen…

If you want to complete complete world pie domination, you better head to the shops asap as the deal runs out on Sat 30 April. That really isn’t enough time to fulfill your pie potential.

Check out Jordan’s blog for more money saving tips.

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