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Hot and Sour Soup Recipe | Food Recipes

Ready in: 55 min

Hot and sour soup is a one of the delicious meal that you must eat if you are a soup fan. This soup is also a variety Asian culinary traditions. This soup is often being made with mixtures of ingredients from people’s creativity. The main character from this soup is the taste that contains various ingredients to make it both spicy and sour. But the good news is this food can make in your house too with following this steps below:


How to make a homemade hot and sour soup

1First, you should prepare the frying pan and heat it. Then, pour and stir-fry the Bombay garlic and ginger. After the smells good, put the chicken fillet into the pan and stir until the color changed.

2Secondly, add the jelly ears and shiitake mushrooms into the pan. Mix until the mushrooms spread. Furthermore, put the dry chilies, Royco (with chicken taste), salt, and pepper powder. Pour the water into the mushroom blend. You have to wait until the water is boiled. After that, add corn starch into the dough and mix them until thick and boiled. Be sure that you check the taste.

3Last, extinguish the fire and take two bowls. Pour the hot and sour soup into those bowls equally. Don’t forget to add squeezed lime water to the soup. Your hot and sour soup homemade is ready.

After reading the recipe, now you can make your own hot and sour soup. This soup is most suitable to eat in the cold weather. But there’s no problem if you want to taste it in the normal weather. Based on this recipe, you also can make the various hot and sour soup with different addition.  Hopefully, you can easily apply this recipe and make a yummy soup!


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